Performing My Plays

I’d enjoy nothing more than to have you and/or your organization perform one of my plays.  If you are an actor who would like to use one of my plays for scene work, feel free to download the script and have at it.  Email me and let me know how the play is received.

If you run a community-based organization or if you are involved in a charitable pursuit and find that one of my plays speaks to your constituents, I’d be happy to “loan” one of my plays to your charitable cause free of charge.  Just let me know who you are and when you intend to perform the play.

If you represent a professional theater and are interested in reading and/or producing one of my plays, let me know.  While I do not generally charge for staged readings of my work, I will need to be compensated for any full production of one of my plays.  I’m sure we can work something out.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about performing my plays, I can be reached by clicking the link below:


  1. Teddy19-year-old college student.  Studious, serious and painfully self-conscious.  He has no clue how attractive or funny he is.  He was the founder and sole member of his high school’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Student Alliance.

  2. TedEarly 40s.  Teddy’s father.  A high-powered attorney who has given up his marriage, career and home in the suburbs to live in Boston’s South End and wait tables at a gay nightclub/restaurant.

  3. Bucky21-year-old college football star.  As the quarterback for Boston College he leads the league in passing completions and touchdowns.

  4. GeoffreyLate 30s early 40s.  Recently adopted a child from a war-torn country.  A well-meaning doctor whose good deeds have come at a price.


Locales scattered across the Boston metropolitan area.


This summer.


> Like Father Like Son Long.pdf


80 minutes


Full-Length Play (One Act)


Father & son relationships; adoption by gay couples; gays in sports; fatherhood; middle-aged gay men; love.

Acting Class Scenes

Scene 1:  Bucky and Teddy

Scene 2:  Teddy and Ted

Scene 4: Ted and Geoffrey.

Script Completed

Spring 2010

Production History

Provincetown Counter Productions - August 7 - September 5, 2010

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Like Father, Like Son